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Black Toast Records

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Black Toast Records

Founded1991 ( 1991 )
FounderBob Mair
Country of originU.S.
LocationLos Angeles, California
Official websitewww .blacktoastrecords .com

Chatsworth, CA, November 10 2011Prominent independent music publisher / production music library Black Toast Music and its CEO / owner / founder Bob Mair have made a number of significant announcements today regarding new company activities. Black Toast Music and Mair have announced the addition of 275 new songs and instrumentals to the Black Toast Music catalog. Among featured new artists are: British Electronic Pop: Geoff Pinckney Alternative Country: Kelly Pardekooper Indie Singer Songwriters: Jen and Them, Paul Otten, Adrian Klineberg, Brent Magstadt, Rob Ahlers Pop / R & B: Crystal Web, DJ Unwind & Manifest Psychedelic Rock: Endless Wave Alternative Rock: Brian Hacksaw Williams Latin / Cuban: Hermanos de Alma Reggaeton Compilation: joselito, South Rican, Los Trombolicos, Iman feat. MarBel, Hanzel Y Ruben, Alex Z, Maleah in additional company news, Black Toast and Mair have launched companys newly streamline, and much improve, website. To enhance the online experience of its clients, Black Toast Music website now offers the following new features: * New Layout & Search: As always, website remains simple and easy-to-use. Black Toast Music has created a powerful new Search engine with Advanced Search capabilities to help clients quickly find exactly what they are seeking, either from their computer or mobile device. * New Download Options: Clients now have the ability to Download Black Toast Music in WAV, AIF, and MP3 formats. * New Customizable Profile: Registered Black Toast Music Clients can now customize their account password and Profile. Keeping it simple, existing Clients login information remains the same-they can sign in as they normally would. Regarding use of Black Toast Music website, Michael Hill, Music Supervisor for Nurse Jackie and bore to Death, say, Black Toast is among a handful of music sites I can always rely upon for last minute placements. I can usually find the right, compatible music I am looking for at Black Toastthey. Are competitive with anyone else out there. I know I can always count on Them to deliver what I am looking for, and Bob Mair is an easy guy to work with. Add Gary Calamar, Music Supervisor for True Blood, Dexter and House, MD, Black Toast is one of the music libraries that I find reliable. They are very easy to work with, theyre flexible with their fees and they have great music, much of which they create themselves. Bob Mair has a great ear for authentic-sounding music. It doesnt sound cannedit sounds like a real band playing real music, no matter what era that music comes from. Their website is also very easy to navigate and download from. The Black Toast team know their clients, their needs, and what they respond to. Finally, Mair also announced that Black Toast Music has recently placed its music within a diverse group of popular TV shows. These include Dexter, Necessary Roughness, Switch at Birth, Person of Interest and Raising Hope. Founded in l990 by noted musician / composer / producer Bob Mair, Black Toast Music is a leading independent music publisher / production music library and record label based in Chatsworth, CA.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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