Blood Culture

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Last Updated: 03 May 2022
positive blood cultures in a patient recovering from febrile neutropenia "positive blood cultures in a patient recovering from febrile neutropenia", by . F1: (a) Gram stain of blood culture showing septate hyphae (thin arrow) and ovoid conidia with truncated base (thick arrow); magnification ×1000. (b) Growth of Scedosporium prolificans on Sabaroud Dextrose Agar (SDA) at 30 °C...

A blood culture is a lab test to look for microorganisms or other bacteria in a blood example. The website where blood will be drawn is first cleansed with a disinfectant such as chlorhexidine. This minimizes the chance of a microorganism from the skin entering the blood example and creating a false-positive outcome. A gram stain might be done. A gram discolor is a method of determining germs utilizing a special collection of discolorations.

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