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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
massive cortical reorganization in sighted braille readers. "massive cortical reorganization in sighted braille readers.", by Siuda-Krzywicka K, Bola Ł, Paplińska M, Sumera E, Jednoróg K, Marchewka A, Śliwińska MW, Amedi A, Szwed M. fig1s2: Main results of the control experiment.(A) Imagining Tactile Braille vs. rest elicited activity in motor/somatosensory areas, the cerebellum and left occipital areas, including the VWFA. Similar results were found for (B) Visual Braille imagery....

Grade 1, the braille alphabet, numbers and punctuation. People learning braille usually begin with Grade 1. However, this type occupies a lot of space, that makes Grade 1 braille books much bulkier than print publications. The shorter words indicate less finger traveling across a line and a faster reading rate. A braille display screen, this is a piece of tools connected to the computer system that reads display text and provides it to the customer using one line of refreshable braille. A braille embosser, this is a type of printer that prints text in braille dots. A braille key-board, this is a keyboard including six secrets for generating braille dots, a space bar, carriage return and backspace secret. Scanners, text can be exchanged braille utilizing a scanner and a computerised braille translation program.

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