CA-125 Blood Test

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

This test gauges the quantity of a protein called CA-125 in the blood. Ovarian cancer occurs when there is unchecked cell growth in a woman's ovary. Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common reason for cancer fatality in women in the U. S. Because high CA-125 degrees can be a sign of other conditions besides ovarian cancer, this test is not used to screen women at low risk for the disease. A CA-125 blood test is most frequently done on women currently detected with ovarian cancer. It can assist find out if cancer therapy is working, or if your cancer has come back after you have completed treatment. Other names: cancer antigen 125, glycoprotein antigen, ovarian cancer antigen, CA-125 tumor marker A CA-125 blood test might be used to: Monitor treatment for ovarian cancer. Your health and wellness care provider might test you at normal periods to see if your treatment is functioning, and after your treatment is ended up.

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