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Last Updated: 11 April 2022

Cave Springs Campground is located in scenic Oak Creek Canyon and is one of the Sedona area's most popular campgrounds. With many right on the banks of Oak Creek, the campground has 82 campsites in a grove of ponderosa pines. Each campsite also has a table, fire ring, and grill. Slide Rock State Park is close, and of course, Sedona has numerous shops and restaurants to visit. Manzanita and Pine Flat campgrounds are also popular. We were close to the lake and enjoyed the swimming hole a trot down stream. Traffic was at times more brisk than I would have like being close to the highway, but the beauty of the area made up for it. The grounds are kept sparkling by the friendly camp host's who work really hard keeping the grounds tidy. I'm planning on making one last-summer trip to this campground soon. Cave Spring is a large campground with 84 campsites, including one tent-only campground. In the campground, there are lots of people; especially on weekends; it is best to arrive or leave early to prevent tree-killer infestations; avoid using firewood near your location or burning it on-site. Don't Move Firewood: Prevent the spread of tree-killing rodents by building firewood near your campsite; Keep firewood away from the campground. The area is a heavily wooded, lush riparian zone; showers are token opperated only; they do not accept quarters. The first night of reservations must be attended; campingsite cannot be unattended more than 24 hours; swimming and fishing access is limited. Cave Spring is not only the largest campground, but also one of the most popular campsites in scenic Oak Creek Canyon. Just south of the campgrounds, Slide Rock State Park and its famous slide rock swimming holes. If you like hiking, the spectacular West Fork Oak Creek Trail is just north of the Cave Springs camp sites. Cave Springs also opened a store that sells camping essentials like cookware at the time this article was published. During the spring and summer months, especially during major holidays, Cave Springs Campground can be packed during major holidays. The temperature in Sedona will generally be 5 to 8 degrees cooler than that in Sedona due to a higher elevation versus Sedona. See our Sedona Weather Chart. Cave Springs is about a mile south of its sister campground, Pine Flat Campground, and is about a mile south of its sister campground, Pine Flat Campground.

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