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tal effectors target the c-terminal domain of rna polymerase ii (ctd) by inhibiting the prolyl-isomerase activity of a ctd-associated cyclophilin. "tal effectors target the c-terminal domain of rna polymerase ii (ctd) by inhibiting the prolyl-isomerase activity of a ctd-associated cyclophilin.", by Domingues MN, Campos BM, de Campos BM, de Oliveira ML, de Mello UQ, Benedetti CE. pone-0041553-g003: PthA variants interact with the CTD through their LRR region.(A) Yeast two-hybrid assay showing the interaction between the CTD and the four PthA variants (1–4, respectively). Yeast cells co-transformed with the individual pOAD-PthA 1–4...

CTD means depth, temperature, and conductivity, and describes a plan of digital tools used to find how the conductivity and temperature of water changes relative to depth. To see this video please make it possible for JavaScript, and think about updating to an internet browser that supports HTML5 video The CTD is a vital instrument when conducting scientific research on ships. After recovering the CTD, a researcher connected a tube to each Niskin container and transferred gathered water into plastic containers where it was taken into the on-ship lab to be filteringed system for later analysis. On expedition vessels, a CTD is frequently connected to a bigger metal water sampling array known as a rosette that is decreased into the water using a cord. This screenshot of data from a CTD cast carried out throughout the Hidden Ocean 2016: Chukchi Borderlands expedition shows the different water layers in the Arctic as well as the chlorophyll optimum where the majority of the phytoplankton live in the water column. Some CTDs can send data back to a ship in real time, while others store the information until the instrument is recouped and data are downloaded for evaluation. Data gathered from a CTD are used to generate a profile of water column characteristics relative to depth. By comparing the information sitting at each depth, the physical characteristics of the water can be described. From these information, researchers can find anomalies in the water column that require more examination. Hence, CTD information plays an essential role in aiding scientists choose about where to discover following.

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