CT Enterography

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022

Calculated tomography enterography uses special x-ray equipment and an injection of comparison material after the ingestion of liquid to produce in-depth photos of the small intestine and frameworks within the abdominal area and hips. When compared to other small intestine imaging procedures, ct enterography is better able to visualize the whole density of the bowel wall. Your medical professional may prescribe medications to decrease the risk of a sensitive response if you have a recognized allergic reaction to comparison material. CT enterography is a special type of computed tomography imaging performed with intravenous comparison material after the consumption of liquid that aids generate high resolution photos of the small intestine in enhancement to the other structures in the abdominal area and hips. Computed tomography, more generally referred to as a CT or CAT check, is an analysis medical imaging test. A CT check generates pictures that can be reformatted in numerous planes. Physicians use CT enterography to determine and locate: small bowel inflammation; bleeding resources within the small bowel; small bowel tumors; fistulas and abscesses; bowel obstruction.

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