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Cancer Sucks Memes

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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Cancer Sucks Memes


Growing Collection Of Posts On Social Media Is Helping Thousands Cope With Cancer In Unexpected Way: Via Pithy Humor, Foul Language And Deadpan One - Liners That Trade Euphemisms And Inspirational Thoughts For Raw, Often Difficult Truths. These memes, pictures and short videos from pop culture and overlaid with text from popular sites such as Snarky Cancer and Cancer Patient deal with issues including overlooked side effects, awkward conversations with family and fears of dying. For followers of accounts, theyve become source of comfort and community. Not everyone is going to get our brand of humor, Trishia Shelly - Stephens, runs Snarky Cancer full - time with her family, told SurvivorNet. And that is okay. We know cancer is serious, but we always have to be. Snarky Cancer also has website that sells T - shirts. 10 percentage of all gross profits go to various Cancer foundations and societies with designs ranging from Game of Thrones references to more universal favorite, Fuck C * ncer, * Only one obscene word here. Not surprisingly, Snarky Cancer sprang from family's own experiences. Shelly - Stephens and her son, Tre, both have extremely rare hereditary genetic condition called Li - Fraumeni syndrome that greatly increases risk of developing Cancer at young age. Shelly - Stephens diagnosed with breast cancer at 21, skin cancer at 22, and sarcoma in her 40s. Tre was only 2 years old when he diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. He then received two additional diagnoses in his 20s, leiomyosarcoma at 21 and osteosarcoma at 22 and 24. We affectionately call ourselves mutants, Shelly - Say, pointing out one of her favorite T - shirt designs, image of DNA double - helix beneath words, I have killer genes. Breast Cancer survivor Jenny Saldana spoke with SurvivorNet about how she found humor in her cancer journey, and turned it into dramedy. Snarky humor, Shelly - Stephens Say, has been her family's go - to coping mechanism. She realized it was time to share laughs on Tres 21 birthday, when she gave him gift wrap in paper shed decorated with words, Cancer sucks, but you dont, so here present. I turned to my husband and I Say, Oh god, there needs to be like, line, of this shit, she Say. My whole philosophy in life is, If you go through hell, you reach back and help person who is behind you, Shelly - Stephens Say. They were all just trying make Cancer suck less. When somebody message us on Instagram and Say, I wore this to my Treatment Today, or I wore my Scanxiety shirt and everybody loves it and it me feel so much better. It those little things that can make such HUGE difference during some of darkest times in people's lives.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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