Capsule Endoscopy

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
the role of double-balloon enteroscopy following capsule endoscopy in diagnosis of obscure small intestinal diseases. "the role of double-balloon enteroscopy following capsule endoscopy in diagnosis of obscure small intestinal diseases.", by Tian Min C, Li Hua X, Ying Lin J, Yan Mei Y, Fei L, Jun Bo Q. F1: (A). Image of a suspected arteriovenous malformation as seen on capsule endoscopy in the proximal jejunum in a 36 years old male patient with obscure bleeding, which was revealed AVM by Double-balloon enteroscopy. (B)....

Capsule endoscopy is a treatment that enables your doctor to look inside your stomach tract. Capsule endoscopy is called video or wireless capsule endoscopy. Capsule endoscopy is used to diagnose issues in your digestion system. Capsule endoscopy can aid your medical professional: Diagnose intestinal problems, like Crohn's disease, gastric disease, and ulcerative colitis; Identify the cause of inexplicable intestinal bleeding; Diagnose intestinal cancer; Detect polyps or tumors in your digestive tract; Examine your esophagus for conditions like Barrett's esophagus; Identify the cause of inexplicable abdominal pain; Conduct follow-up screening. If you require a capsule endoscopy, here's how you can get ready for the procedure: Stick to a clear fluid diet regimen a day before your procedure one that contains soups and juices. Another way to look within is to put a camera in a capsule. The wellness care provider might ask you to rest or stay up while ingesting the capsule. Occasionally a couple of antenna patches may also be placed on your body. The capsule may remain in your body for numerous hrs or numerous days. Flush the capsule down the toilet; If you do not see the capsule in the bathroom within two weeks of ingesting it, inform your provider. A capsule endoscopy electronic camera rests inside a vitamin-size capsule you swallow. As the capsule takes a trip via your digestive system tract, the electronic camera takes countless images that are transmitted to a recorder you wear on a belt around your waist. Capsule endoscopy aids medical professionals see inside your small intestine, an area that isn't conveniently reached with more-traditional endoscopy treatments. Traditional endoscopy includes passing a long, versatile tube equipped with a video camera down your throat or via your anus.

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