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Carbon Dioxide Dot And Cross Diagram

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Last Updated: 22 October 2020

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The Lewis Dot Structure is a graphical representation of how electrons are distributed around atoms which comprise molecule. The reason for drawing / creating the Lewis Dot Structure is that it helps one predict the kinds of bonds, as well as the number of bonds, that can be formed around atom. Lewis structures can be used to make predictions about the layout of molecule. Though Lewis Structure may seem intimidating at first glance, it is actually fairly easy to understand Lewis Structure and to draw one yourself, if you break down the creation of Lewis Structure into simple steps. The first step to drawing the Lewis Structure is to determine how many valence electrons a molecule has in total. This involves counting up all valence electrons in molecule. Valence electrons are electrons an atom possesses in its license shell or outermost shell of the atom. Atoms have different shells or layers, and each of these layers has its own electrons. However, in chemistry, typically only electrons within valence shell can participate in the formation of chemical bond. Since electrons in valance shell are electrons that will form bonds with other atoms to create molecules, knowing the number of valence electrons is important to drawing Lewis Structure diagram. In the second part of drawing Lewis Dot diagram, one needs to determine the number of electrons that are required to make an atom satisfied or happy. In other words, number of atoms required to fill the outer electron shell of an atom must be find. When the outer electron shell of an atom is at capacity, it is considered happy and does want any more electrons in the outer shell. The good heuristic one can follow to know how many electrons are needed by atom of element is the octet rule. The Octet rule refers to the fact that elements up to those found in period four on period table require eight electrons in their valence shell to be satisfactory. Step 3 of creating the Lewis Structure is determining how many bonds are possessed by molecule in total. Covalent bonds are created when an electron from one atom joins with electron from other atom, forming an electron pair. In Step 2, number of electrons needed to create a bond was determine, while in Step 1, number of electrons present in valence shell was determine. In order to determine the number of bonds within a molecule, total number of valence electrons should be subtracted from the number of electrons needed to fill the outer shell of an atom. Doing this will give you the required number of atoms needed to complete octets. Since every bond requires two electrons, number of bonds is calculated by dividing the number of electrons in half. Step 4 of creating the Lewis Dot Structure is choosing the central atom for other atoms to branch off from in the diagram.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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