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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 01 May 2022
home based versus centre based cardiac rehabilitation: cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis. "home based versus centre based cardiac rehabilitation: cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis.", by Dalal HM, Zawada A, Jolly K, Moxham T, Taylor RS. fig12: Fig 12 Home based cardiac rehabilitation...

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program that assists you live better with heart problem. Improve your cardiovascular function; Improve your total health and wellness and lifestyle; Reduce symptoms; Reduce your risk of future heart problems; Heart attack; Coronary cardiovascular disease; Heart failure; Angina; Heart or heart shutoff surgical treatment; Heart transplant; Procedures such as angioplasty and stenting; In some cases, your health and wellness care provider might refer you to rehab if you have had a cardiac arrest or heart surgical procedure. An ideal cardiac rehab experience contains 36 one-hour sessions that include team-based monitored workout training, education and skills development for heart-healthy living, and therapy on stress and other psychosocial aspects. Participation in a cardiac rehab program can lower the risks of death from any cause and from cardiac causes in addition to decrease health center readmissions. While cardiac rehab solutions are extensively covered by exclusive and public plans, co-pays per session represent a financial barrier for most individuals. Strong proof shows that cardiac rehab programs can benefit people who have: Had a cardiovascular disease. Research has found that cardiac rehabilitation programs can lower your risk of death from heart disease and decrease your risk of future heart problems. When you exercise on your own, your health treatment team will meticulously check you while you exercise to lower this risk and will educate you just how to avoid injuries.

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