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carinal reconstruction and sleeve right upper lobectomy assisted with extracorporeal membrane oxygenator for non-small cell lung cancer - a case report -. "carinal reconstruction and sleeve right upper lobectomy assisted with extracorporeal membrane oxygenator for non-small cell lung cancer - a case report -.", by Lee HS, Kim HS, Shin HS, Kim SJ, Cho SW, Kim KI. F1: Preoperative chest CT and PET-CT show about 2.5 cm mass on right main bronchus involving carina (A, B). Preoperative bronchoscopic findings show endobronchial lesion on the orifice of right upper lobe involving carina (C,...

The CARINA data synthesis job is an international joint initiative of the EU IP CARBOOCEAN, and United States partners, including the PMEL carbon group. A number of the procedures used during CARINA were taken on from GLODAP, nonetheless, the variety of cruise ships included in CARINA integrated with the extra manpower and financing offered from CARBOOCEAN enabled enhancements. The second is a collection of 3 information products that have been completely adjusted and include some calculated values. The latter work with the 3 GLODAP data items. On top of that, all of the specific cruise data files have been offered in WOCE exchange format in a solitary location along with metadata and references. We strongly recommend users to use the information items instead of the private cruise ship files as the data in the latter have not been remedied for predispositions recognized throughout the secondary QC. The CARINA initiative is more explained in the following along with in the CARINA special problem of Earth System Science Data Journal. PMEL scientists are studying how not natural carbon is stored in the ocean interior. Privacy Policy|Disclaimer|PMEL Carbon Group|DOC|NOAA|OAR|PMEL Website: Center for Environmental Visualization.

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49856372C12H15BrN2O2299.16COC(=O)NC1=CC=CC=C1C=NCCCBrCOC(=O)NC1=CC=CC=C1C=NCCCBrInChI=1S/C12H15BrN2O2/c1-17-12(16)15-11-6-3-2-5-10(11)9-14-8-4-7-13/h2-3,5-6,9H,4,7-8H2,1H3,(H,15,16)UYCWYRGZJZZGFU-UHFFFAOYSA-Nmethyl N-[2-(3-bromopropyliminomethyl)phenyl]carbamate2.3298.03169298.0316950.725901361700000001
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