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Carine Bijlsma

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Last Updated: 07 November 2020

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After premiering at this year's Tribeca Film Festival, Dutch director Carine Bijlsmas ' feature-length Documentary Film Devils Pie-DAngelo will screen at the 25 Anniversary Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago. The documentary centers around R & B singer DAngelo, who had it all: two platinum-selling albums, sell-out world tour and body chisel to perfection. However, one day at the height of his career in 2000, the soul singer vanish. For 12 years, he descended into darkness. Out of nowhere, in December 2014, his third album Black Messiah was suddenly release: soundtrack of lose years. About Carine Bijlsma Carine Bijlsma is a Dutch documentary filmmaker and photographer. After graduating from. Ignatius Gymnasium, she studied Photography at Scuola dArte in Florence, Photography Academy in Amsterdam and the School of Visual Arts in New York. She graduated in 2008 from the Dutch Film and Television Academy and won both Wildcard and Prince Bernard Culture Fund Documentary award with her graduation Film Secret of Boccherini, film about the love of her father, acclaimed cellist Anner Bylsma, for the music of composer Luigi Boccherini. That film, as well as her following, were shown at film and music festivals around world and aired on NTR. Her next Film Soloist was received very well, stating in jury rapport of Vancouver International Film Festival; so sensitive is Bijlsmas evocation of two strands in Rosanne's life, that there are moments that one wonders how such intimacy could possibly be captured on film. Soloist goes far beyond simple portrait of musician, in its sensitivity and intimacy, it is unique. She went on win Honorable Mention at DOXA Film Festival in Vancouver for her Film Extase, stating: this film captures the transcendent power of music through the journey of the impassioned conductor as he instil in the viewer belief of the necessity of art in all our lives. Her photography work has been published in magazines such as Avantgarde, Groene Amsterdammer, Akkoord Magazine and CD booklets by several artists, including DAngelo and Vanguards Black Messiah

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