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Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxer that blocks pain experiences in between the nerves and the brain. Carisoprodol is used together with rest and physical therapy to deal with skeletal muscle mass conditions such as pain or injury. Carisoprodol ought to only be used for brief periods since there is no evidence of its effectiveness in long-term use and most skeletal muscular tissue injuries are usually short-lived. Carisoprodol can cause side effects that might harm your thinking or reactions. Carisoprodol may be habit-forming. Carisoprodol is a white, crystalline powder, having a mild, particular smell and a bitter taste. It is slightly soluble in water; freely soluble in alcohol, in chloroform, and in acetone; and its solubility is virtually independent of pH. Carisoprodol exists as a racemic mixture. Chemically, carisoprodol is -2 Methyl-2propyl-1,3-propanediol carbamate isopropylcarbamate and the molecular formula is C12H24N2O4, with a molecular weight of 260. 33. The structural formula is: Other components in the carisoprodol tablets drug product consist of colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose salt, hypromellose, magnesium stearate, silicified microcrystalline cellulose and sodium lauryl sulphate. Nevertheless, this medicine does not take the place of rest, exercise, physical therapy, or other treatments that your medical professional may suggest for your medical problem. Carisoprodol is a skeletal muscle depressant. It acts on the central nervous system to relax muscles. This medication is offered only with your medical professional's prescription.

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2576C12H24N2O4260.33CCCC(C)(COC(=O)N)COC(=O)NC(C)CCCCC(C)(COC(=O)N)COC(=O)NC(C)CInChI=1S/C12H24N2O4/c1-5-6-12(4,7-17-10(13)15)8-18-11(16)14-9(2)3/h9H,5-8H2,1-4H3,(H2,13,15)(H,14,16)OFZCIYFFPZCNJE-UHFFFAOYSA-N[2-(carbamoyloxymethyl)-2-methylpentyl] N-propan-2-ylcarbamate1.9260.17360725260.1736072590.628102491801010001
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