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isolation of intact sub-dermal secretory cavities from eucalyptus. "isolation of intact sub-dermal secretory cavities from eucalyptus.", by Goodger JQ, Heskes AM, Mitchell MC, King DJ, Neilson EH, Woodrow IE. F1: Flow chart of the successful secretory cavity isolation protocol. (a) Leaf strip dissected from a Eucalyptus polybractea leaf. (b) Leaf strip after 12 h digestion with Aspergillus P-4716 pectinase (Sigma) and peeling away of...

Cavities are caused when the teeth begin to degeneration due to food being left on the teeth. A dental expert can tell if you have a cavity if the tooth is soft when touched by an oral tool. Cavities take place as a result of tooth decay. WebMD clarifies tooth plaque and why it can hurt your teeth.

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