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subatomic deformation driven by vertical piezoelectricity from cds ultrathin films. "subatomic deformation driven by vertical piezoelectricity from cds ultrathin films.", by Wang X, He X, Zhu H, Sun L, Fu W, Wang X, Hoong LC, Wang H, Zeng Q, Zhao W, Wei J, Jin Z, Shen Z, Liu J, Zhang T, Liu Z. F3: Spectroscopic characterization of CdS thin film.(A) Energy (E) band structure in the vicinity of the Γ-point of the Brillouin zone, showing the photon emission process. (B and C) PL spectrum of CdS thin film...

Updated the section referenced in paragraph from to the paragraph, and recommendation in paragraph from paragraph to paragraph. Added reference resources to the verification for action 3 of paragraph in the test lab verification section. Include change of care/referral summary arrangement step for paragraph. SUT; SUT and TLV; Standard 170. 207 to UNK. CDS intervention interaction, Interventions supplied to a user must occur when a user is interacting with technology. Evidence-based choice support interventions, Enable a limited collection of determined users to choose digital CDS treatments based on every one and at least one combination of the data referenced in paragraphs with of this area. Identify for a user analysis and restorative recommendation information in conformity a minimum of one of the complying with criteria and implementation requirements: The standard and execution specs defined in 170. 204. For paragraph of this area, modern technology needs to be able to recognize for a user therapeutic or diagnostic reference details based on each one and a minimum of one combination of the information referenced in paragraphs, and of this section. Enable a user to evaluate the features as shown for all CDS resources: For evidence-based decision support treatments under paragraph of this area: Bibliographic citation of the intervention; Developer of the treatment; Funding source of the treatment growth technical execution; and Release and, if applicable, alteration date of the treatment or recommendation source. For linked referential CDS in paragraph of this area and drug-drug, drug-allergy interaction checks in paragraph of this area, the designer of the intervention, and where clinically suggested, the bibliographic citation of the intervention.

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