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Cell Development

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Last Updated: 01 May 2022

The inner ear discovers head movements, gravity, and noise using specific epithelial cells, consisting of hair cells and supporting cells. In people, hair cells and supporting cells can't normally fix themselves. To gain a better understanding of cell development in the inner ear, a research team led by Dr. Matthew Kelley at NIH's National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders studied the inner ear of newborn mice. The researchers found distinct gene activity accounts in hair cells and sustaining cells. The team speculates that the distinctive gene activity patterns they found might show specialized, as yet undefined, cell functions. The researchers were additionally able to determine genetics that are active at each phase of development, exposing crucial hints about how specific hair cells are formed. Significantly, the scientists really did not discover a strict limit between the sensory and nonsensory areas of these inner ear structures. In a companion research, an NIH-supported team led by Dr. Ronna Hertzano at the University of Maryland School of Medicine used RNA-seq to determine a family of gene-regulating proteins called regulatory variable Xs that are active in hair cells. While not essential for very early hair cell development, these regulators are essential for the cells' long-lasting survival. Mice lacking 2 RFX proteins became deaf within 3 months of birth. Recognizing the networks that control the development of the internal ear can one day lead to therapies for dealing with hearing loss and balance troubles. Recognizing the genetics expression maps for the development of inner ear cells is vital to understanding exactly how they form, and might aid us produce ways to regenerate these cells, Kelley states.

Researching the molecular and cellular mechanisms of tissue distinction and morphogenesis under physical and pathological problems. Scientific Director Senior Investigator, Matrix & Morphogenesis Section Stadtman Tenure Track Investigator Neural Crest Development & Disease Unit. Senior Investigator Functional Genomics Section Director, Gene Transfer Facility Adjunct Investigator Connective Tissue Section Director, NIH's National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Clinical Director Craniofacial Anomalies & Regeneration Section. Senior Investigator Section on Biological Chemistry Acting Director, NIH Senior Investigator Developmental Glycobiology Section. Adjunct Senior Investigator Intracellular Membrane Trafficking SectionSenior Investigator Laboratory of Cellular & Molecular Biology, NCI Stadtman Tenure Track Investigator Stem Cell Biochemistry Unit.

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