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Center City Bars

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Last Updated: 10 April 2022

Philly is a city that moves and grooves, but finding your groove if you are not a resident or haven't been one for long can be daunting. Residents of our luxurious Philadelphia apartments know that some of the best places to party are right outside your door, which is why we're showcasing the ten best bars and clubs in Philadelphia. With so many great party and relaxation spots in Philly, choosing where to start might be the biggest challenge. The next best thing to stepping off a plane in Mexico is to head over to Mission Taqueria. Tria, a chain of two wine bars in Center City, Philadelphia, prides itself on improving and connecting for visitors. The Stratus Rooftop Lounge is the ultimate spot to do just that. This nightclub features a variety of musical styles, as well as a night dedicated to everyone's individual musical tastes. This list of the best bars and clubs in Philadelphia is just the start of a long list of the treasures found within the city of Brotherly Love's City. Independence Beer Garden is spruced in greenery and has rows of long tables made for seating large groups of people in the city, like a majority of other beer gardens. Instead of walking around on Uptown Beer Garden and spilling out, hang out at Drury Beer Garden behind Opa in Midtown Village instead. We love 1225 Raw for sushi year-round, but we especially love it during the summer, when their patio is open and ready to welcome large groups of people who want to use their outdoor voices while eating large amounts of sushi and sake. Graffiti Bar, which is down a small alley behind Sampan in Midtown Village, may be the most packed on a Wednesday night in the summer, of all the locations on this list, of course. Porta is another pizza place worth mentioning during SIPS. The best bars in Philadelphia include more than just neighborhood bars; the city has many fine cocktail bars, wine bars, and many other ways to enjoy a drink. Since the late '60s, Bob and Barbara's Lounge in South Philly has been a South Philly landmark. The brown liquor selection at the Library Bar is outstanding whether you like your scotch straight or have a hankering for an old-fashioned. The Library Bar, nestled within the Rittenhouse Hotel, exudes the kind of hushediness you're looking for in a luxurious hotel bar experience. This is a Philly dive bar at its absolute best. The main level of Double Knot is a cozy cafe, but Philly's sushi connoisseurs know that at this Midtown Village outpost, you'll get more than coffee and pastries.

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