Cerebrospinal Fluid

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022
cerebrospinal fluid "cerebrospinal fluid", by Terese Winslow (Illustrator). Drawing shows cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain and spinal cord. Also shown are the ventricles in the brain, where CSF is made. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF, shown in blue) is made by tissue that lines...

Cerebrospinal fluid is the liquid around your brain and spinal cord. They could take a sample for screening if a physician believes you have an illness that influences your nervous system. As the anemic fluid goes around your brain and spinal cord, it cushions those organs, selects up required supplies from your blood, and does away with waste products from brain cells. Sometimes cerebrospinal fluid can have points in it that shouldn't exist, like germs or infections that can attack your brain. With some health problems, what's in that fluid can help your doctor identify what's going on. Your physician will use a procedure called a back tap or back leak. You'll get a neighborhood anesthetic to numb the skin in the area, and the needle will enter between 2 of your vertebrae, the bones that border your spinal cord and comprise your spine.

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