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Last Updated: 04 August 2021

With the LitRPG Adventures Workshop RPG Character D&D Backstory generator, you can develop 800+ race and class combinations. The AI will create a special character backstory with the click of a switch!

Drel Darkfire was born to an easy, delighted family. Drel's dad walked up to the man and explained that they had not done anything wrong, and they really did not deserve to be treated this way. The man told and grinned Drel's daddy that he was.

Menna was birthed to a long line of priestesses of the god Masteo. Menna's mom was a priestess prior to her, and her mommy's mom was a priestess before her. Menna took her role very seriously. The abilities she acquired in the abbey are the abilities she now uses to assist people and fight wickedness.

Menna has a very strong moral compass. She believes in the power of the private to make the right selection, but she will often go along with whatever the group believes is right. Menna wishes to one day end up being an empress of the globe, bringing tranquility and success to all of Grabisco and beyond.

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