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Chris Wright (Music Industry Executive)

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Last Updated: 18 February 2022

Chris Wright, CBE is a British music industry exec. Between 1996 and 2001, Wright was the proprietor of Queens Park Rangers FC and the bulk investor and chairman of Wasps Rugby Club.

Ten Years After's early success provided Ellis the funds to put Jethro Tull in the workshop to record their this Was debut album, the first Chrysalis Production, released through a licensing offer with Chris Blackwell's Island Records in 1968.

From the outset, Chrysalis was a leader of the 360 companies, consisting of not only a record tag but a posting firm, Chrysalis Music, and other ancillary organizations. While attending a series of performances by Sayer at the Roxy in Los Angeles in November 1976, Wright suggested that the skyrocketing saxophone solo featured in the real-time variation of When I Need You need to be included in the cd cut for its launch as a solitary.

In 1980, Chrysalis came to be the New Romantic label par quality when Wright signed the reinvigorated Ultravox with new lead singer Midge Ure, and after that Spandau Ballet, the London band who pertained to epitomise the style a lot more than their competitors Duran Duran. Wright retained ownership of Chrysalis Music till 2010, when the posting firm was obtained by BMG Rights Management.

Wright is the most current visitor on the Music Business Worldwide regular monthly podcast, supported by CI, which you can pay attention to below. The MBW podcast is supported by CI, experts in digital music delivery since 2003.

Wright states that his decision to offer to EMI was fiscally necessary, yet it sometimes makes him recoil today. A label that was renowned and ought to have been united with its musicians, has been permitted to dissipate, Wright informs MBW in our podcast meeting. We marketed the Chrysalis label not because we desired to, but because we went into a ten-year joint venture that was unsustainable and we had no choice.

Wright discusses his pride at the firm society he built at Chrysalis, and the executives it generated. After a period behind-the-scenes at BMG, Wright lets slip to MBW that points are taking place that might see me involved in the music company again in a more severe way than I have been for the last year or 2.

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