Chronic Kidney Disease

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
excisional wound healing is delayed in a murine model of chronic kidney disease. "excisional wound healing is delayed in a murine model of chronic kidney disease.", by Seth AK, De la Garza M, Fang RC, Hong SJ, Galiano RD. pone-0059979-g008: Chronic kidney disease demonstrated significantly increased and maintained inflammation in the early stages of wound healing.Representative immunofluorescent sections of wound edges stained with CD45 and DAPI in A) normal mice and B) chronic kidney...

Chronic kidney disease suggests your kidneys are damaged and can not filter blood the way they should. CKD can also cause other health issue. Kidney disease typically can get even worse over time and might lead to kidney failure. High blood glucose, also called blood glucose, from diabetes can harm the blood vessels in your kidneys. High blood pressure, High blood pressure is the second leading source of CKD. Heart disease, Research shows a link between kidney disease and heart disease. Chronic kidney disease indicates that your kidneys are harmed and can not filter blood as they should. Many individuals don't have any symptoms till their kidney disease is very advanced. CKD may still worsen in time. You can take actions to keep your kidneys much healthier longer: Choose foods with less salt; Control your blood pressure; your healthcare provider can tell you what your high blood pressure ought to be; Keep your blood sugar in the target range, if you have diabetics issues; Limit the quantity of alcohol you drink; Choose foods that are healthy and balanced for your heart: fruits, vegetables, entire grains, and low-fat milk foods; Lose weight if you are overweight; Be physically active; Don't smoke. There are usually no symptoms of kidney disease in the onset. See a GP if you have stressing or persistent symptoms that you think might be caused by kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is usually caused by other problems that put a stress on the kidneys.

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