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Chubb Rock is a Brooklyn, New York-based legendary hip jump artist/radio host who released numerous successful hip hop albums in the early 1990s. Chubb first showed up on the national scene with his 1988 self-titled launching Chubb Rock and 1989's and the Winner is. Chubb Rock made an appearance on MC Serch's 1992 track Back to the Grill. Chubb Rock launched Obama We Believe in assistance of President Obama. Chubb Rock transferred to Atlanta and had a radio show with Silas SiMan Alexander on Atlanta's Majic 107. 5/ 97. 5 prior to leaving the terminal to begin his current radio programs called The Chubb Rock Show with SiMan Baby and Diggin' in Tha Crates. The Chubb Rock Show, held by Hip Hop Icon and storyteller Chubb Rock, takes you home every mid-day with the most effective blend of UAC strikes, listener interactive features, star guests and more! Songs intensive, upbeat and fun, The Chubb Rock Show gets your audiences know the show that's been entertaining the ATL for several years! Supported by DJ and producer Howie Tee, his first relative, he authorized to the Select label-home of UTFO and Whistle, amongst others-and released his first cd, Chubb Rock Featuring Hitman Howie Tee, in 1988. The following year's and the Winner Is. , Also made with Howie Tee, arrived 30 of Billboard's R&B Albums chart, highlighted by Ya Bad Chubbs, which hit number 15 on the magazine's Rap Singles chart and was frequently aired on Yo! During the very early '90s, Chubb Rock launched another set of cds for Select: The One and I Got ta Get Mine Yo!. During the remainder of the decade, he had not been as active, though he belonged to Crooklyn Dodgers '95, in addition to Jeru the Damaja and OC, who added the DJ Premier -produced Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers to the Clockers soundtrack. Chubb Rock was also a member of the 1995 version of the Crooklyn Dodgers, a rap act that included OC and Jeru The Damaja. Chubb Rock committed his album 'The Grown and Sexy Theory' to his late other half that passed away in 2006, after battling cancer. The New York-based rap star, real name Richard Simpson, says his new album The Grown and Sexy Theory fulfills a pledge he made to his spouse before she passed away, and he doesn't care if it is a commercial success.

February 2009 Chubb Rock can be listened to on his new solitary Back in including Wordsmith and Kimia Collins. Chubb Rock is included in the new single Summertime Anthem by Eric Roberson in which they recorded the video on the streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York where he attributed his other half and manager, KeKe Simpson, for placing the duo together. Chubb Rock also released a new EP in September 2011.

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