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cimetidine inhibits salivary gland tumor cell adhesion to neural cells and induces apoptosis by blocking ncam expression. "cimetidine inhibits salivary gland tumor cell adhesion to neural cells and induces apoptosis by blocking ncam expression.", by Fukuda M, Kusama K, Sakashita H. F5: Induction of apoptosis in the tumor mass in nude mice by cimetidine. A, tumor appearance in mice treated with cimetidine or saline. Bar, 10 mm. A, left, saline was administered to the mice. A,...

Cimetidine is a stomach acid reducer that is used to treat and protect against particular types of stomach abscess. Cimetidine is additionally used to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease, when stomach acid backs up into the esophagus and causes heartburn. Over-the-counter cimetidine is used to deal with heartburn with sour stomach and acid indigestion, or to prevent these problems when brought on by specific foods or beverages. Cimetidine might additionally be used for functions not noted in this medication overview. Heartburn can mimic early symptoms of a cardiac arrest. Get emergency situation medical aid if you have chest pain that infects your jaw or shoulder and you really feel light-headed or anxious. You ought to not use cimetidine if you dislike cimetidine or other stomach acid reducers Ask a medical professional before using this medication if you are pregnant. Measure liquid medication thoroughly. Your ulcer might take longer to recover if you smoke cigarettes. Call your physician if your symptoms do not enhance, or if they become worse.

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