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Last Updated: 03 May 2022
the stages of liver damage leading to cirrhosis "the stages of liver damage leading to cirrhosis", by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Illustration of the stages of liver damage leading to cirrhosis....

Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver caused by constant, long-term liver damages. Mark tissue replaces healthy tissue in the liver and stops the liver from working properly. The damages triggered by cirrhosis can not be reversed and can at some point become so substantial that your liver quits working. Cirrhosis can be fatal if the liver fails. Every year in the UK, around 4,000 people die from cirrhosis and 700 people with the condition require a liver transplant to make it through. There are usually couple of symptoms in the early stages of cirrhosis. Scar tissue can refrain from doing what healthy and balanced liver tissue does, make protein, aid fight infections, tidy the blood, assistance digest food and store energy. Varices can hemorrhage suddenly. A handful of people with cirrhosis get liver cancer. Your physician will diagnose cirrhosis with blood tests, imaging tests, or a biopsy. Cirrhosis has many causes. Absolutely nothing will make the scar tissue disappear, yet treating the cause can keep it from worsening. You may need to take into consideration a liver transplant if too much mark tissue forms. Cirrhosis is in some cases called end-stage liver disease because it occurs after other stages of damage from problems that affect the liver, such as hepatitis. When you have cirrhosis, your liver may keep functioning even. Therapy may be able to quit cirrhosis from becoming worse. They'll examine your clinical background and do a physical evaluation to look for signs of lasting liver disease if a General practitioner suspects cirrhosis. If tests show that you have cirrhosis, a GP must refer you to see a medical professional that specialises in liver troubles.

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