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Last Updated: 23 April 2022

The Uplink Claimant Self Service System helps you get greater customer service and reduces the time needed for processing unemployment insurance claims. STEP 1: If you are unemployed, visit your nearest WorkOne Center or visit the web by clicking here to access Uplink CSS. To make your font larger, click Properties, click the Settings tab, slide your Screen Resolution bar to 1024 by 728 pixels, and click OK. To make your font larger, you will need to scroll often. In some cases, you may also make your font bigger by clicking on the word View on your browser's menu, selecting Text Size, and choosing a larger font. Search for JobsLog in to Indiana Career Connect to help create customized job matching profiles by choosing where and when you want to work, how much money you want to earn, occupations you're interested in, and skills you have. If you receive the error message that there is already a user on file with your Social Security number, use the following links to get to the bottom and select Forgot Username. Enter your Social Security number and birth date, click Submit, and then you will be prompted to answer your security question. Unemployment Login portal Also known as Uplink is the name of Indiana Department of Workforce Development's automated self service Unemployment Insurance system. To log in to your Indiana Unemployment claimant account, please visit the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Claimant Self Service Logon, and enter your claimant username and password. All claims for unemployment insurance benefits must be submitted through Uplink, the online filing system.

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