Clean Water Act

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

These data represent geographic terms used within the Clean Water Act. The limit of a 3 mile territorial sea and 12 mile adjoining area relate to application of various discharge requirements related to vessels or other drifting craft, that differ depending on operational condition. The CWA does not include inland waters due to the fact that 1 it is difficult to correctly determine the nationwide extent of all inland water bodies, and 2 there is current lawsuits with EPA of such water bodies dropping under the territory of the CWA. When examining geo-regulatory limits near the boundary sides, users should seek advice from the most updated applicable jurisdictional limits from all respective authoritative resources. Source: https://www, epa. gov/ sites/production/files/ 2017-08/ documents/federal-water-pollution-control-act-508full. pdf Date Enacted: April 30, 1948; Codification: 33 U, S. C. Sec. The details provided on this page looks for to define how the GCMD. NOAA Data Management Plan for this record on InPort.

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