Climate Forcing

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Last Updated: 24 April 2022

Earth is constantly bathed in energy from the sun. A portion of the energy that comes to Earth is reflected back into space, another part is soaked up straight by the ambience, and the rest relocates via the atmosphere to the surface area. Similarly as applying a pushing force to a physical item will cause it to come to be out of balance and move, a climate forcing element will change the climate system. The planet will heat when forcings result in incoming energy being greater than outward bound energy. On the other hand, if outgoing energy is more than incoming energy, the planet will cool. Another way to describe climate forcings is to call them climate drivers. Human-caused, or anthropogenic climate drivers include exhausts of heat-trapping gases and changes in land use that make land mirror more or less sunlight energy. Since 1750, human-caused climate drivers have been enhancing, and their result dominates 100% natural climate drivers.

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