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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

Dengue can range from asymptomatic infection or mild illness to extreme disease. An approximated 1 in 4 dengue virus infections are symptomatic. Symptomatic dengue virus infection most frequently provides as a mild to moderate, nonspecific, severe febrile ailment. People can be infected with DENV up to four times because there are 4 dengue infections. Around 1 in 20 patients with dengue virus disease development to develop serious, serious disease called severe dengue. The 2nd infection with DENV is a risk factor for extreme dengue. Some patients have infused oropharynx and face erythema in the first 24, 48 hours after onset. Most patients clinically enhance throughout this phase, yet those with considerable plasma leakage can, within a couple of hrs, develop extreme dengue as a result of a significant increase in vascular permeability. Physiologic countervailing mechanisms preserve appropriate flow, which tightens pulse pressure as diastolic blood pressure increases. The patient's hematocrit maintains or may drop due to the dilutional effect of the reabsorbed fluid, and the white blood cell count usually starts to rise, followed by a recovery of platelet count. Data are limited on wellness results of dengue in pregnancy and impacts of maternal infection on the developing unborn child. Perinatal transmission can occur, and peripartum maternal infection may increase the chance of symptomatic infection in the newborn. Placental transfer of mother's IgG against dengue virus may increase risk for severe dengue among babies contaminated at 6, 12 months old, when the safety result of these antibodies subsides.

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