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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
clinical trials "clinical trials", by Nation Cancer Institute (NCI). Ending cancer as we know it means reimagining the clinical trial enterprise so that clinical research is available to participants wherever they are. With additional investments, NCI can support more research to expand telemedicine into...

Clinical trials are research studies that test just how well new medical strategies work in people. Clinical trials may additionally compare a new treatment to a treatment that is currently readily available. Every clinical trial has a method, or action plan, for performing the trial. The plan explains what will be performed in the research study, how it will be conducted, and why each part of the research study is essential. Others want just men or just women. In the United States, a clinical test must have an IRB if it is examining a medication, biological item, or medical gadget that the Food and Drug Administration manages, or it is funded or executed by the federal government.

Every year, NEI leads or sustains dozens of clinical trials and researches. Clinical researches, research studies that involve people, can assist scientists discover more about eye troubles. One type of research study, called a clinical test, help scientists try new ways to test for and treat eye diseases. NEI's clinical researches have been instrumental in aiding drive evidence-based ideal methods in vision care, from locating new ways to test and deal with eye diseases to identifying that some common therapies don't work well. NEI's clinical research studies on different eye diseases and problems have led to new treatments. By joining a clinical test, you could aid boost eye look after countless people in the future. Prior to signing up with a clinical research, it's important to speak to your medical professional about whether the research study is right for you. To locate out about clinical studies at NEI and other NIH institutes, visit the NIH Clinical Center website or call 1-800-411-1222.

Cancer, gov Clinical Trialswww. cancer. gov/ clinicaltrials A data source of greater than 1,800 active cancer clinical trials. You might carry out a broad search, as an example, breast cancer, or narrow your search by specifying other criteria such as type of trial and location. Hosted by the National Cancer Institute. Clinicaltrials, govwww. clinicaltrials. gov An extensive database of about 5,700 existing clinical research studies, funded by the pharmaceutical industry and the federal government. Browse the Studies at NIHclinicalstudies, info. nih. gov/ index. html Database of clinical studies being performed at the NIH Clinical Center.

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