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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
a general model of codon bias due to gc mutational bias. "a general model of codon bias due to gc mutational bias.", by Palidwor GA, Perkins TJ, Xia X. pone-0013431-g001: Relationships between codon usage and GC3.(A) Heat maps of correlation values for codon usage vs GC3 for bacteria and plant genomes and human genes. The color and intensity indicates type and degree of correlation:...

A codon is a DNA or RNA series of three nucleotides that forms a device of genomic information inscribing a specific amino acid or signaling the termination of protein synthesis. Codon is the name we offer a stretch of the 3 nucleotides, you know, among A, G, c, or t, three of which in a row, that code for a specific amino acid, and so the hereditary code is comprised of units called codons where you have three nucleotides that code for a specific amino acid beside another 3 nucleotides, another 3 nucleotides, and another 3 nucleotides.

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