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Collin County Election office

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Last Updated: 14 April 2022

Click on the ballot style name associated with your precinct's precinct and sub-subscription code to see a sample ballot. Using either the New Mobile-Friendly Voter Registration Search or the Original Voter Registration Search module, you will determine your designated precinct, refer to your voter registration card from the mail or lookup your Voter Registration Card online if you don't know your registered precinct. Using the Ballot Address Search, you can also find the sample ballot for a particular location. To view the full list of Election Day Vote Center locations, please refer to the main Election Day Vote Center locations. The Republican Runoff For All Person Candidates, Issues, and Proposals Ballot includes ballot items for all entity candidates, policies, and propositions. Agent, An agent can apply for voter registration for another individual as long as the applicant is related to the applicant as husband, wife, father, son, or daughter. Sign Your Name: If you are unable to sign your name next to the X, a person may notice you making your mark. If you are unable to make a mark, have the witness state where the applicant could not make a mark. 2010 REDBUD BLVD, SUITE 102 MCKINNEY, TX 75069 MCKINNEY, TX 75069 Please Note: For a Voter Registration Application sent by FAX or email to be effective, the original application must be submitted by mail and received by the registrar not later than the fourth business day following the transmission by FAX or email. nombre de su licenciua de manejar o de su Cedula de identidad; incida por el Departmento de Seguridad Publica de Tejas; si ningun, los tejanos 4 numeros de su seguro social son de su cedula de seguro; El apoderado tambien debe estar inscrito en el registro electoral o haber presentado de inscripcion y anotar, junto a su compasion y su junto, su junto a su grupo perpetente la votante y el o la votante.

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