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Colt 45 Billy Dee Williams

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Last Updated: 25 October 2020

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Weeks after announcing his return as ambassador to COLT 45, Billy Dee Williams will soon be in store coolers across the country, feature on packaging of iconic MALT LIQUOR. Billy Dee Williams has offered his timeless mystique that is respected by young and old alike. Billy Dee spoke his mind ABOUT COLT 45, describing the premium MALT LIQUOR that has always stayed true to its essence - a product that, like Mr. Williams himself, remains iconic to this day. The campaign will feature print, digital and video content. I have enjoyed my long association with COLT 45, and it is my pleasure to, once again, support this iconic beer, say Billy Dee. I 've always found COLT 45 to be high quality and deeply satisfying beverage. This new campaign gives me opportunity to speak to a wider audience and remind people that this classic product is here to stay. As part of the campaign, one lucky winner and guest will be fly to Billy Dees ' exclusive lounge party to be held in Hollywood later this year. Contest details can be found in all stores where COLT 45 is sell. Look for it on 16 / 24oz. Cans and 32 / 40oz. Bottles. Billy Dee Williams played a major role in the success of COLT 45, says Dan McHugh, Chief Marketing Officer for Pabst Brewing Company. He is the definition of class, style and charm. Everyone wants to drink COLT 45 with Billy Dee. Born and raised in Harlem, Billy Dee Williams began his acting career on stage, making his Broadway debut at the age of seven. He has acted in over 100 films and is known for his role as dashingly handsome Lando Calrissian in Star Wars epics Empire Strikes Back and Return of Jedi. Mr. Williams received critical acclaim for his leading roles in films like Lady Sings Blues and Mahogany. He additionally plays pivotal roles in Batman, Nighthawks and Motor Kings. Mr. Williams has worked steadily in television as well, in recurring comedic guest appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! And appearing in series like Dynasty, Gideons Crossing, General Hospital and NCIS, to name only a few. He was nominated for an Emmy for his work in the make - for - television film Brian Song, and was recently cast in ABC's upcoming remake of Dirty Dancing. In addition to new ad creative featuring national spokesman Billy Dee Williams, COLT 45 will be rolling out further campaign elements in coming months. Here is the link to hi - res press photo: https: / Pabst. Box. Com / sg2b0sejxt75nsfaelv19cq54tlkqbqnz TWEET THIS: WorksEveryTime - realbdw is Back with ColtFortyFive for new campaign: https: / youtu. Be / 4rTG07Trb0A ABOUT COLT 45 MALT LIQUOR: COLT 45 is a premium alcoholic MALT beverage that is timeless, smooth, and meant to be savor with friends. As spokesman Billy Dee Williams would say, COLT 45 works every time. Ask for it wherever beer is sold and learn more at http: / colt45maltliquor. Com /. Media Contacts: Larry Fink Mitchell Fink Email: larry1on1prcom Email: mitchell1on1prcom Phone: 702 - 249 - 8586 Phone: 917 - 439 - 3679

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