Computational Biology

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
itools: a framework for classification, categorization and integration of computational biology resources. "itools: a framework for classification, categorization and integration of computational biology resources.", by Dinov ID, Rubin D, Lorensen W, Dugan J, Ma J, Murphy S, Kirschner B, Bug W, Sherman M, Floratos A, Kennedy D, Jagadish HV, Schmidt J, Athey B, Califano A, Musen M, Altman R, Kikinis R, Kohane I, Delp S, Parker DS, Toga AW. pone-0002265-g002: iTools CompBiome – the iTools Computational Biology Resourceome plug-in consists of a decentralized collection of BioSiteMaps (sitemaps of resources for biomedical computing) and a Yahoo!Search-based crawler for discovering new and updating existent BioSiteMaps anywhere...

As the field of biology has become more complex and diverse, so the area of computational biology has grown to sustain it. Today, computational biologists in the Intramural Research Program take various techniques to respond to academic and experimental organic concerns across a range of disciplines, including: Image Analysis: High-resolution optical imaging is an essential to much of our biomedical research. Computer systems supply the advanced imaging approaches and algorithms that allow us to see the human body from macro to nano. Biomodelling or Systems Biology: Computational biomodelling, or systems biology, is a computer-based simulation of a biological system used to recognize and predict communications within that system. Computer systems can model systems at any level, from populations to cellular networks and the sub-cellular globes of signal transduction pathways and genetics regulatory networks. Neuroscience: Computers are commonly compared to the brain, in terms of their capability to process information. IRP Institutes and Centers have welcomed computational biology, with many now having a devoted computer core.

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