Consolidation Treatment

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022

The nanostructured ferritic alloy 14YWT is an appealing prospect for in-core use in generation IV nuclear reactors, as a result of a dense dispersion of insoluble, ultrafine-scale Y-Ti-O nano-oxides, which provide a high degree of irradiation resistance and thermal stability. This research study checks out the results of warmth treatment on the workability of 14YWT, along with the effect of processing background on abnormal grain frameworks and radial microstructural harmony. In this study, a 14YWT pole settled at 850 C was warm dealt with in argon at 1100 C, 1150 C, 1200 C, or 1250 C for 1 or 8 hours and changes in mechanical properties and microstructure were checked out using microhardness and electron backscattered diffraction. Two distinct types of large abnormal grains were observed, each with unique processing beginnings, consisting of one with high and the other with low strain energy.

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