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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
nanotechnology-based cosmeceuticals. "nanotechnology-based cosmeceuticals.", by Lohani A, Verma A, Joshi H, Yadav N, Karki N. fig3: Effect of sericin nanoparticles on hair cuticle. Increased hair gloss (b) obtained in damaged hair (a) after treating with sericin nanoparticles [44]....

Cosmeceuticals are the marriage of drugs and cosmetics. Think: anti-oxidant plus lipstick or retinol plus face product. "Cosmeceuticals will have active ingredients that are known to be helpful to human beings somehow," says Marie Jhin, MD, a skin doctor in San Francisco. "For example, vitamin C is a well-known anti-oxidant and when this is included in a lotion or cream the product is considered a cosmeceutical. " The FDA does not recognize cosmeceuticals as a different class of beauty items. A product is either managed as a cosmetic or it's regulated as a medication, and where it falls all depends on the types of claims that are being made," says cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. If a brand name releases a product that claims to affect the structure or function of the body, the FDA would consider it to be a new drug and would require medical tests be done to confirm its effectiveness and safety and security. Presuming that every one of the insurance claims from the cosmeceutical item were revealed to be true in professional studies and the item efficient, the FDA would authorize it-- however as a new drug. Still, Jhin states, "The most essential thing customers need to understand is that cosmeceuticals have not undertaken strenuous examination by the FDA, therefore you must not take their cases as real or valuable," she claims. Do your research before spending your money. "'Cosmeceuticals' is an advertising term, not a lawful definition," states Marina Peredo, MD, a Long Island, N. Y. , skin doctor.

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