Cost-Utility Analysis

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022

EPA develops and uses techniques for approximating the costs of air contamination laws. Products include cost approach guidebooks, spread sheets for estimating costs, control technique software, data sources of emission control steps, and other helpful info pertaining to air contamination control costs. The EPA Air Pollution Control Cost Manual provides support for the development of constant and precise prices for air pollution control gadgets. The Control Cost Manual focuses on factor resource and fixed area source air pollution controls for unpredictable natural substances, particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, and some acid gases. More information on the Control Cost Manual is available at Cost Reports and Guidance. The purpose of CoST is to model the emission reductions and engineering costs linked with control strategies applied to point, area, and mobile sources of air pollutant exhausts to sustain the evaluations of air pollution plans and laws. Expense achieves this by matching control actions to emission sources utilizing algorithms such as "optimal discharges reduction" and "least expense". The results can also be merged with the initial supply to create regulated discharges supplies that can be exported to the exhausts model SMOKE. A prototype variation of the Control Strategy Tool was created in 2006 and a completely practical variation was created in 2008.

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