Craniofacial Microsomia

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Craniofacial microsomia is a term used to define a spectrum of problems that largely affect the growth of the skull and face before birth. The majority of people with craniofacial microsomia have distinctions in the shapes and size of facial structures between the right and left sides of the face. Other individuals with craniofacial microsomia are affected on just one side of the face. The face characteristics in craniofacial microsomia usually consist of underdevelopment of one side of the upper or lower jaw, which can cause dental troubles and troubles with feeding and speech. People with craniofacial microsomia usually have ear abnormalities impacting one or both ears, typically to various degrees. Eye troubles are less common in craniofacial microsomia, yet some affected individuals have uncommonly small eyeball or other eye irregularities that lead to vision loss. Hemifacial microsomia often describes craniofacial microsomia with mandibular or maxillary hypoplasia. People with hemifacial microsomia and noncancerous growths in the eye called epibulbar dermoids might be said to have Goldenhar syndrome or oculoauricular dysplasia.

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