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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
laryngomalacia presenting as recurrent croup in an infant. "laryngomalacia presenting as recurrent croup in an infant.", by Elbuluk O, Shiba T, Shapiro NL. fig1: Laryngomalacia prior to surgical intervention. Redundant supraarytenoid tissue can be seen obstructing the glottis....

Croup is an inflammation of the vocal cords and windpipe. Children with croup have unique barking coughing and will make an extreme audio, referred to as stridor, when they breathe in. Since their air passage is blocked, they might additionally have a hoarse voice and find it tough to take a breath. has serious breathing problems; has an increased breathing rate or 'quiet upper body'; has a getting worse cough or rasping sound; shows distress and anxiety; has dark, pale or blue-tinged skin; the skin around their ribs and breast seems drawn in and tight, making the bones of their chest and ribs more visible; has abnormal sleepiness and sleepiness; has a failure to drink fluids. is less than 3 months old and has a temperature level of 38 C or above; is aged 3 months or older and has a temperature of 39 C or over; your child has a distinctive barking coughing; your child makes a rough noise when they take in. Croup can usually be diagnosed by a general practitioner and dealt with in the house.

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