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Custom Star Wars Figures

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Last Updated: 22 October 2020

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It has been quite awhile since we featured digital action figure customizer. The truth is, there aren't many out there. What is a digital customizer, you ask? Well, digital customs isn't something you can exactly hold in your hand. It is more conceptual, but no less fun. These customs were not created on workbench, but were products of skilled artists that slaved away for hours in Photoshop. Lose. Waves has been taking time between college courses to promote what could have been an action figure line if the animated Clone Wars action figure had returned with Season 7 of the show being launched on Disney +. In addition to that, he plans to venture into other Star Wars properties such as making battle packs for Battlefront II, and plans for Mandalorian. Animate Clone Wars toy line was Hasbro's most popular toy line. Hundreds of figures were made to support the show. Unfortunately, toys that were made only cover the early seasons of the show and the later seasons being the most popular, had little representation of plastic. Dedicated collectors of toy lines still fantasize about their return so they can one day achieve complete collection. He hops to venture into the world of physical customs himself, saying he wants to make Clone War figure CW28 no one has ever done before. Here at home we have been doing our part to achieve that goal and have always chopping at bit for Kalani action figure. Especially after his appearing in Star Wars Rebels later down the road. So when we saw his version of droid, he earn lifelong follower. So many important characters were never release. The artist states that he creates characters he do because they never had their debut in any way. I find it really weird that they are such iconic characters and don't have their own action figures yet. We have been closely watching his Instagram feed Lose. Waves for months now. Every new post, he drops another release we would have snatched up in seconds if they were available in stores. With all things Clone Wars being such a hot property, it is a real missed opportunity on Hasbro's part to not reintroduce them in animated 3. 75 scale. This artist shares our pain and that is what inspired him to create these images. That and reduction in quality in 3. 75 action figure line. As for the artist's plans for the future, he's most excited about creating General Pong Krell and Admiral Trench. To follow his work, you can find him on Instagram. Lose. Waves and on Twitter waves_lost

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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