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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
benzocaine-induced cyanosis. "benzocaine-induced cyanosis.", by Jain A, Patel A, Hoppe IC. F3: The appearance following the administration of methylene blue showing resolution of cyanosis....

Blue skin and lips is usually created by low blood oxygen levels or bad flow. If you notice an adult or child unexpectedly transforming blue, call 999 or go to your nearby emergency situation department immediately. If you discover an adult or child instantly transforming blue, call 999 or go to your nearest emergency division immediately. See your GP if you have cyanosis that: comes on very progressively; impacts just the fingers, toes, feet or hands. When blood has less oxygen than normal, it changes from brilliant red to darker in colour, making the skin and lips look blue. Some of the major sources of cyanosis are defined listed below. If just the toes, fingers or limbs have transformed blue and really feel cold, it's referred to as outer cyanosis. Other causes consist of poor flow resulting from: Raynaud's phenomenon; peripheral arterial disease; beta-blockers, medicine frequently used to treat high blood pressure; an embolism blocking the blood supply to or from an arm or leg.

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