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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
cyber security challenges in smart cities: safety, security and privacy. "cyber security challenges in smart cities: safety, security and privacy.", by Elmaghraby AS, Losavio MM. f0005: Data sources feed data collections feed data analytics for knowledge....

Global Development Lab, an organization developed to harness the power of science, innovation, innovation and collaboration in USAID programs and take encouraging advancements to global range in order to significantly speed up the nation's diplomacy and advancement goals. The Lab's Center for Global Solutions-- additionally known as the Center for Digital Development-- cultivates an inclusive, safe and open digital ecosystem by means of transformative and market-driven services to encourage people via digital monetary solutions, data-driven proof, and access to digital technology. Tracks USAID's work in cybersecurity through annual reporting requirements; Consults with all levels of management in the exclusive sector, USAID/CIO, other federal firms, think storage tanks, the academic community, and foreign companies with respect to collaborating cybersecurity and information protection measures as part of worldwide growth programs. Involvement consists of yet is not limited to functioning with Agency management to develop Agency policies and practices and provide and make inner and exterior training components on how to cultivate safe, privacy-protecting digital ecosystems. Work experience that demonstrates understanding of the technical nuances of cybersecurity difficulties in emerging markets and the ramifications across all sectors; A demonstrated performance history of recommending and carrying out practical/actionable options to worldwide development difficulties; Strong communication skills to assemble and express complex material across a range of stakeholders with varying opinions in order to reach actionable goals; Demonstrated experience in developing relationships with stakeholders in any way levels, and browsing complex, multi-stakeholder arrangements; Experience working with USAID is chosen. Obligation Location: USAID, Washington, DC Applicants MUST be Eligible for a Secret Level Clearance and Preference is for Active Secret Clearance.

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