Cystic Hygroma

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
medpix case - cystic hygroma (turner's syndrome) with hydrops "medpix case - cystic hygroma (turner's syndrome) with hydrops", by Original Source: James M McKee; Author: James M McKee (Naval Medical Center Portsmouth); Approved By: Stephanie A Bernard (Penn State University);. Pleural effusion, ascites, and dramatic low echogenicity skin thickening consistent with fetal hydrops....

A cystic hygroma is a development that commonly happens in the head and neck area. A cystic hygroma occurs as the infant grows in the womb. It forms from pieces of material that carry fluid and leukocyte. This material is called embryonic lymphatic tissue. After birth, a cystic hygroma usually resembles a soft bulge under the skin. The cyst might not be found at birth.

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