Cytomegalovirus Tests

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Cytomegalovirus is a virus in the herpes family. In healthy people, CMV infections usually cause mild, flu-like diseases or no symptoms in all. Most individuals with CMV don't even know they have it. A pregnant woman with an active CMV infection can pass the virus to her coming infant. CMV screening can assist those in jeopardy for difficulties get the treatment they need. Other names: CMV IgG and IgM, cytomegalovirus antibody CMV tests are used to aid diagnose an existing, reactivated, or past CMV infection in people in danger for health difficulties. Your baby might need this test if he or she has the following symptoms: Jaundice, a condition that causes the skin and eyes to turn yellow; Low birth weight; Small head; Hearing and/or vision problems; Seizures.

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