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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

Dentin dysplasia type II, additionally called coronal dentin dysplasia, is unusual congenital disease that impacts the teeth. Dentin is the tough tissue found beneath the enamel that surrounds and secures the pulp and forms the huge part of teeth. Affected children may show brownish-blue staining of child teeth and obliteration of the pulp chambers. Dentin dysplasia type II only affects the teeth. Dentin dysplasia type II belongs to a group of disorders known as the genetic dentin disorders. Dentin dysplasia type II is a dental abnormality defined by abnormal growth of dentin. Within the interior of a tooth is pulp, a specialized tissue that consists of nerves, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels. The exposed area of the tooth above the periodontal is covered by enamel, which is harder than dentin, while the origin is covered by a bone-like inflexible connective tissue called cementum. In individuals with dentin dysplasia type II, the primary teeth might be tarnished showing up to be yellow, brownish, grey-amber, or a brownish-blue color. When the dentin layer underneath the enamel crown is too weak to support it, the enamel will have a tendency to deteriorate and befall too soon. Along with being normal in color, irreversible teeth are additionally normal fit and dimension. With age, the pulp chambers of the irreversible teeth might come to be partially wiped out. Evidence suggests that origin development in the long-term teeth is usually normal. In uncommon cases, some people with dentin dysplasia type II may develop mild tooth staining or unusually rounded crowns.

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