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Last Updated: 09 May 2022
factors affecting quantity of pollen dispersal of spray cut chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum morifolium). "factors affecting quantity of pollen dispersal of spray cut chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum morifolium).", by Wang XG, Wang HB, Chen FD, Jiang JF, Fang WM, Liao Y, Teng NJ. F7: Anatomical features of anther and Flower morphology during pollen dispersal of ‘Qx-097’, ‘Noa’ and ‘Qx-115’. Pollen dispersing of ‘Qx-097’, ‘Noa’ and ‘Qx-115’. (A, D, G) The section of anthers just in pollen dispersal and...

The capacity of species to disperse and migrate is a trait that has interested environmentalists for several years. Now that a lot of varieties and ecosystems face significant ecological dangers from habitat fragmentation and global climate change, the ability of types to adapt to these changes by distributing, moving, or moving between spots of habitat can be crucial to guaranteeing their survival. This publication provides a timely and wide-ranging overview of the research of dispersal and integrates much of the most recent research.

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