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DNA Sequencing

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Last Updated: 01 May 2022
dna sequencing gels "dna sequencing gels", by John Crawford (Photographer). A male Caucasian scientist viewing DNA sequencing gels....

DNA sequencing refers to the basic laboratory technique for establishing the specific series of nucleotides, or bases, in a DNA molecule. There are now numerous various methods offered for DNA sequencing, each with its own characteristics, and the growth of additional techniques stands for an active area of genomics research. DNA is composed of a linear string of nucleotides, or bases, for simplicity, described by the first letters of their chemical names, A, G, c and t. The process of reasoning the order of nucleotides in DNA is called DNA sequencing. Since the DNA series gives details that the cell uses to make RNA molecules and proteins, developing the series of DNA is vital for comprehending just how genomes work.

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