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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
autosomal dominant inheritance "autosomal dominant inheritance", by Terese Winslow (Illustrator). Drawing showing an autosomal dominant inheritance pattern between a father, mother, and their four children: a chromosome pair with a normal gene and a mutated gene in an affected father; two normal genes in an...

Dominant describes the relationship in between 2 variations of a genetics. If the alleles of a genetics are different, one allele will be revealed; it is the dominant genetics. Dominant refers to a relationship in between two versions of a gene. A dominant genetics, or a dominant variation of a gene, is a particular variant of a gene, which for a range of reasons, shares itself more strongly all by itself than any other variation of the genetics which the person is carrying, and, in this case, the recessive. Huntington's disease, for circumstances, is a dominant mutation where, if one is carrying that variation of the Huntington genetics, that mutation, that dominant mutation, will provide the private the disease no matter what that individual's other Huntington's disease genetics allele is. That Huntington's disease gene allele can be flawlessly normal, yet the individual still has the disease due to that duplicate of the Huntington's disease gene that is mutated.

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