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a dtc niche plexus surrounds the germline stem cell pool in caenorhabditis elegans. "a dtc niche plexus surrounds the germline stem cell pool in caenorhabditis elegans.", by Byrd DT, Knobel K, Affeldt K, Crittenden SL, Kimble J. pone-0088372-g001: DTC architecture and the plexus region.(A) The distal gonad includes the DTC niche (red) and the mitotic zone. Yellow circles represent germ cells in the mitotic cell cycle; green circles are germ cells in...

The goal of the National Cancer Institute Developmental Therapeutics Clinic is to develop new therapies for patients with advanced cancer via cutting-edge early-phase scientific tests. DTC team make use of the power of molecular, precision medicine to make professional trials that can aid assess the benefit of the recommended therapy. DTC belongs to the NCI, which is just one of 27 institutes and facilities that make up the National Institutes of Health. Every year, patients from worldwide with cancers that have slipped back after typical therapy check out DTC for appointment about engagement in the cutting-edge new treatment tests performed at NIH. DTC treats patients in the NIH Clinical Center, and DTC team up with the patient's current professional provider to ensure outstanding scientific care.

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