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Dalfampridine is used to enhance strolling in patients with multiple sclerosis. Dalfampridine may also be used for objectives not listed in this medicine overview. Dalfampridine can cause a seizure, even if you never ever had one previously. Taking excessive dalfampridine might increase your risk of seizure. Your kidney function may require to be tested before you begin taking dalfampridine. Stop taking dalfampridine and call your medical professional right away if you have a seizure. Dalfampridine can cause a seizure, even if you never ever had one in the past. It is not understood if dalfampridine will harm unborn child. Taking way too much dalfampridine may increase your risk of seizure. You may take dalfampridine with or without food. Breaking the pill might cause too much of the drug to be launched at once which can increase your risk of a seizure. Avoid the missed out on dosage and use your next dosage at the routine time.

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